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A Web 3.0 Blockchain Solution

The future calls for decentralization, and blockchain makes that possible. Verify your skills once, and they are secured and verified for a lifetime.

Novae 360™ integrates with major crypto platforms, including Coinbase Commerce and Coinpayments.

Imagine your skills becoming easily verifiable by anyone in the world within seconds.

Issuer and Data
Users gain the skills and invite market professionals to verify them.
Saves to a Smart Contract
User and verifier data are saved to the smart contract.
Stored in a Blockchain
User and verifier data are stored in a blockchain.

Why Blockchain?

Improve Efficiency
Blockchain-anchored records don’t require middlemen to send or verify.
Prevent Fraud
Make it hard to impersonate records from your organization with cryptographic signatures.
Provide Ownership
Empower recipients with records they own and can have verified anywhere.
Promote Awareness
Draw attention to your brand with records that can be shared online.
novae 360

Verify Your Skills in the Blockchain


Emma has had her blockchain skills verified by a market professional, which allows her to share this information with anyone, including potential employers. This allows them to independently verify her skills, learn about the professional who verified her, and understand why they chose to do so.

graphic showing blockchain verification process.

What Industry leaders Say

"You have to value skills and not just degrees. You have to have new education models and new pathways to get people retrained and back into the workforce."
Ginni Rometty
Chairman, President and CEO of IBM Corporation
“A one-size-fits-all approach won’t be the answer to future work models; employee preferences for the future are highly varied.”
Nithya Vaduganathan
Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group
"First, I think it’s soft skills – probably the most difficult to learn, but probably the most decisive for the long term. And second, it’s learn, learn, learn. It will be a continuous process."
Muriel Pénicaud
France's Minister of Labor

Be Verified in 4 Easy Steps

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